Wedding Décor Unparalleled!

It is the season we wait for the whole year, & suitably start emptying our tummy to relish the delicacies on offer. Yes, we are talking about the wedding season, & the mouthwatering  spectacle it brings with it.

But along with the food, what else catches our eye is the décor of the whole venue; the mandap, the stage of the bride & groom and the overall perfect ambience. And talking about decors, none of the weddings could be complete without that special car, full of flowers et al.

Yeah, wedding business looks promising, we thought, & have therefore brought with us various arrangements related to the car & room decoration. Without any further ado, we would like you to look at some of the amazing pieces we have conjured: -

Flowery Hues

PowerPoint Presentation

Don’t know about you, but after looking at this arrangement, my heart suddenly wants to get married. This beautiful arrangement is made  with Rajnigandha, Roses & green fillers, & is certainly one attractive décor. Someone said, marriages are made in heaven. Well, this room decor certainly has influenced me to think that way.

Of Roses & Bed’ding

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Probably just a handful of things elicits such gasps, anticipation & charisma as roses. They make any and everything beautiful, or rather we use them to make our stuff extraordinary. Like this simple & classic arrangement above. Perfectly crafted with roses & green fillers, this special décor will appeal to everyone who wants to have an immensely memorable wedding, & an equally exquisite night to remember.

In addition to these classic designs, you can choose any bed design with petals, & we have also taken care of bathroom bliss with flowers . You can thank us later.

Car’ry on with wedding

Image 4

Well, it is utterly rudimentary that a wedding doesn’t seem like it, if at its end, a flower laden car has not been parked for the groom & bride to fly away. The design of the wedding vehicle attracts many eyeballs, & witnessing that, we have come up with our own brand of car décor.

The above image represents the beautiful decoration done by Rajnigandha chains & Orchids, which is as classy as car décor gets. A stylish wedding arrangement!

Potpourri Of Flowers

Image 15

Beautiful flowers make your day really special, but what if the day is already something to cherish! Well, then, they make it even better.

The image above represents an arrangement of mixed Gerberas, mixed Roses, Daisies & green fillers, all combined to make the décor exemplary. A richly decorated wedding special indeed.

Marriage is a very rich tradition & beautiful designing & décor plays a key role in the culmination of the occasion. In the line of celebrating everything which echoes the sentiment of joy, fervor & celebration itself, the décor line is our recent attempt at elevating the standard & mood of your regular marriage.

Give us a try!

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