Things To Do & Don’ts During This Diwali

Well, it is a clichéd statement, but all the same, Diwali, “the festival of light” is upon us. It is a glorious occasion, as every occasion is; but just like every hyperactive occasion there is, Diwali is not without some risks and mishaps.

To make your Diwali more fruitful and full of bright memories, there are some definite do’s and don’ts. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Diwali Do’s

Invite Your Closed Ones

Diwali with Family

Diwali is a celebration of bonhomie and harmony, therefore the thought of celebrating it without your near and dear ones is going to be a huge mistake.

Arrange a get together, perform a puja, invite your close friends, have fun. You know the drill.

Eat To Your Heart’s Content


No other festival anywhere put this much of emphasis on eating. During Diwali, sweets, chocolates and snacks have all the more craze. Even while watching television ads during Diwali, you will find sweets and aerated drinks being toasts of the nation, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Celebrate Diwali by challenging your gluttony. It will be a delicious challenge, we dare say.

Celebrate A Flower Filled Diwali

Flower diwali

Any festival is embodiment of joy, serenity and peace. Nothing else encapsulates this fact more than beautiful flowers.

Move over goods bought to decorate your home, lend your home a distinct authenticity and festive fervor with flower decorations.



Fireworks A Strict No No!

Harmful crackers

We all know and sometimes discuss within our group that during Diwali, use of firecrackers can be avoided. Sadly, most of us, don’t go by our words & contribute to the ever growing population this day.

If you want, a few crackers are not a big deal, but just keep it at that. Use Fuljhadis and the likes having less noise. They are better.

No Synthetic Clothes

no synthetic clothes

Diwali brings with it the danger of accidents related to fire. Most of these mishaps happen due to our wrong choice of clothes.

During Diwali celebrations, try to wear only clothes made of Cotton fabric as they don’t catch fire as easily as polyester or other synthetic fibers. Try also to not wear any flowing outfits.

Don’t Let Children Loose With Crackers


Diwali is a festival meant to be celebrated by every member of the family, whether children or adults. However when it comes to lighting crackers, it is elder’s responsibility to guard their child.

Don’t let your children light harmful crackers, and never ever allow them to go near unspent crackers as it could burst suddenly resulting in any accident.


While the festival of Diwali is meant to be celebrated with great joy and gay abandon, adopting certain safety measures won’t harm you.

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