The Beginning!

The rich texture, the lustrous fragrance, the soothing feeling, a delight for our senses – all this swells in the air when a flower blossoms. A flower blossoms when pollen from one flower is carried over to the other by an external agent – be it a busy bee, or a hummingbird, or a butterfly, or just the wind as it squanders over a meadow frolicking under the warm gaze of the sun. (Or it could be the fairy as was mentioned in the totally true, not made up, completely real story!)

Yes this is how relationships too blossom. Today’s society calls for a protocol of exchange of gifts between individuals that builds the bonds of a beautiful relationship over time. This is where comes in! Did you know that the hummingbird flaps its wings over 100 times in a minute? Well metaphorically, we work equally as hard to provide you with a prospective gift, be it day after day or week after week (you know you can’t buy a diamond necklace every other week right?!).

Hmmm, where were we? Oh yeah! What do we do? Well, ever get tired of forgetting to stop by that flower shop now and then, or get vexed by the unavailability of your wife’s favorite flowers of a particular type or favourite colour at the only bouquet shop in the district? Did you forget your anniversary or just want to get out of the doghouse? Or wait, maybe you’re just a flower loving, deranged maniac?! Well fret not! is a portal where all your gifting priorities take first base. We offer a professional and personalized experience to all your needs. Love doesn’t have boundaries and hence long distances across the country shouldn’t have to be a problem – we take care of that too! We have a solution to every occasion that you can think of – be it an anniversary, birthday, congratulations, get well soon, love & romance, new-born baby, gifts for teachers, “I miss you”, “I’m sorry”, thank you and what-not! Your mundane lives will no longer be the weight of the sky on your shoulders. Everyone loves a surprise now and being an ignorant to the outlying reality isn’t going to cut it! Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The earth laughs in flowers.” Well then! Why don’t we just spread some laughter and joy in the direction of our loved ones?

Flowers are a representation of good will, spring, and life. They are an anonymous method of representation of our feelings and a very effective one indeed. Anything from a simple “Happy birthday” to “I miss you” to “I’m sorry” can be expressed without the need to muster up the courage of verbally expressing it. A blossoming relationship takes time. However, today’s generation doesn’t have time. Someone once said,

“Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” takes the initiative of being a friend and takes the time necessary to respect people’s need and desire. We hence offer our amenities as a friend would offer his help – with love and respect. We acknowledge each flower as an aspect of love and nurture it to fulfil nature’s desire of spreading love to all.


Submitted by : Vitul Varshney

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