That thing about Mom you can never forget….

“A mother is the one who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take”, is a true saying.

She is that one person who can never see her loved ones in pain and is always ready to sacrifice her happiness to bring a beautiful smile on other’s face. Her beauty beholds in the care, moments of love and affection shared with her loved ones. So, this Mother’s Day, surprise her with wonderful gifts for mother.

Her every moment is an inspiration for everybody around her. There are so many things that can be learned from your dear mom, which can truly change your outlook towards life.


10 things we learn from our Moms


Being Patient

Do you remember those moments of your childhood when you used to ask a single question many times and your mom answered it with the same politeness every time. So, being patient is one of the finest qualities you can inherit from your mom.

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Value of Kindness

Your mom is the perfect epitome of kindness. Be it anyone a human, animal, nature; she is kind to everyone. So, she always teaches you to be nice with everyone irrespective of caste, status and any other aspect.

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Selfless Love

She always loves everyone without any expectations. She takes care of everyone’s needs in the family.

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Don’t Lose Hope

How many times you have thought of giving up everything in your life? She is the one who stands by you in every situation and motivates in giving your best no matter how hard is the situation.

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Values of Life

She is the first one to teach you what is wrong and right from your childhood. Her every effort of making you a humble human being has made you what you are today.

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To Be Brave

In the times of difficulty she is the one who gives strength and stays positive. She always tells you to be brave and courageous throughout your life.

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Appreciating Beauty

Her beauty is the love and care she gets back from everyone.

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Being Committed

She has always respected every relation and maintains its dignity, no matter how hard it has been for her. She always tells you that commitment is very important in life.

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Being Responsible

She handles everything from office to housework in a very composed manner and fulfills her every responsibility.

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Maintaining Relationships

Be it being a mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law or any other relation she keeps all the bonds strong and faithful.

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So, this Mother’s Day, give back all the love, gratitude and humbleness with a memorable mother’s day gift from Flaberry!



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