Teacher’s gifts which couldn’t be replicated

The day of teachers is upon us, & it’s time to reflect on their contribution towards what we are & what we became since their involvement with us. As has been said & preached on numerous occasions, teachers deserve what they gave to the society as a whole. Well, as much as I try to nod positively on this potential development, something inside me senses something wrong.

Which is, how do you give back to that teacher who taught us to figure out the world, who instilled confidence in us to take on anything. That old clichéd phrase about seeing god & teacher together & still choosing the teacher for reverence rings true in every sense, realizing the effort they put & the impact they left on our conscience & our very being. On this special occasion, let us look at some of the virtues they blessed us with, & remember those days once again.


One of the most important gifts that a teacher shower his disciples with is the gift of knowledge. Knowing that you know quite a bit of things is a great feeling, & this sense of achievement was triggered first of all by none other than your teacher. Not for nothing that they say Knowledge is power.


A teacher is expected to embody discipline in his personal schedule & also teach its importance to students, which my teachers at least have done to perfection ! Having a disciplined existence solves many big & small day to day problems, & he made us realize the gravitas a disciplined soul carries. So more power to him.


Remember those punishments we used to get on reaching late for our classes! Well, they were our first lesson in that virtue called being on time or punctuality. We realize the importance of being punctual now when we all have our dear jobs to cling on to. Thank your teacher someday for not getting kicked out of office for being late.

Self Dependancy

Interaction between teacher and children, funny class in school
The most valuable aspect of any teaching program is the ability of the students to do everything on their own. While our education system doesn’t exactly adhere to those lines, our teachers trained our minds & created an effective base of knowledge & wisdom, which to date facilitates & inspire us to not depend on anybody & live our life with full freedom.

To be frank, in our childhood, we used to just fall a little short of despising them for their effort of making a human out of us. That effort is now realized & appreciated by those of us who managed to become some sort of humans in society’s perspective, & they have their teacher to thank.

Thank your teacher & wish him well by remembering them & gifting them with Flaberry gifts.

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