Friends & Chocolates – Our Loved Possessions

So, Friendship Day is upon us, & all of the world is converging to say what they couldn’t for the rest of the year – that our friends are of utmost importance to us & we should consider ourselves special to have got them.

Special they are, & such beautiful persons deserve an amazing gift. And what is more amazing to gift our best buddies than a box of delightful chocolates! Nothing, we say. Well, giving chocolates has a whole host of reasons other than them being irresistible.

The chocolates, in many ways, signify our friends & their characters in their super fine form. Chocolates & friends have several things similar, & therefore it is suffice to say that, we love them both for a reason.

Let’s look upon the similarities we think are present between these two delightful additions of our life: -



This is the term we could use for both the things we hold close to our heart – our best friends & the delicious chocolate. While you can always rely on a friend to pull you out of a hole almost every time, it is the chocolates you trust after having any bitter experience, whether it is getting less marks in exams or the dreaded word – break up!

Pleasing to the senses


Having a chocolate just catapults us to a world full of heavenly bliss & contentment. The deliciousness of chocolates affects our every sense & we thoroughly enjoy it till the last bite.

Friends too, despite their sometimes over the top behavior, are the persons who give us the most joy, keep us company & are there for us. Their witty one liners & philosophical outbursts are the sure shot things to please the senses.

Comes in all shapes & size


A chocolate comes in different varieties, like cubes, bars or coins, but its basic essence is the same & it is known for its lip smacking taste & irresistibility.

Similarly, our friends are of many variants, a moody friend, a naughty friend, a caring friend & a foodie friend, to name a few. But despite these differences, all of them have the common attributes of being dependable & amazing, & that’s why we love them this much.

They signify sweetness


Well, one of them literally.

Chocolates are known for their ultimate version of sweetness. Whether it is a dark, milk or white variety, the word chocolate takes the term delicious to another level.

Friends, similarly, display sweetness with their caring nature, or when they tease us about our crush. It seems annoying at first, but it sure is sweet when you reminisce about it.

We love them, no matter what!


In short, we can’t get enough of them. Both give us pleasure & satisfaction, and we sure miss their lingering presence when they are not with us.

It’s time to celebrate friends, every one of them. Make this month all about friendship & affection. Gift delicious chocolates & other amazing items from

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