Reasons you look up to your Dad…

A father has a very important role to play in the development of his child. He has to be his friend, teacher & mentor during his growing years as it is the father, whom the kid fully looks up to as his role model. Let’s see the qualities which make the kid idolize his father & want to be like him when he himself becomes a father.


His unconditional love

Loving Dad

The amount of looking up or idolizing a kid does is directly proportionate to the love he receives from his father. Fathers love their child & all they do their whole life has only one purpose: well-being of their children. It is a very important & likeable trait that attracts a kid towards his dad & make him wish to be like his father.

His sense of responsibility

Responsible Dad

Becoming a father comes with its own share of responsibilities. A father shares all the responsibilities of his family & kids & manage them to perfection. While doing so, he also earns respect from his children who think that they also should be like their daddy.

His honesty

Honest Dad

Dads are always honest, whether it is in the society or with us personally. They call a spade a spade & have never barred us from speaking our mind.This is one quality a child like to share with his father & that’s why adores him very much.

His patience


He never twitches his eyebrows while listening to our every silly tale or juvenile problems, unlike other elders. He gives us an ample listening ear & is patient while handling us, which is what every kid needs growing up. That’s why fathers are best!

His intelligence

Father Helping Daughter with Homework

Fathers have the mysterious capability to solve our every problem which we have seen from early on in our life. Remember that Maths problem which kept us awake all night & our father solved it in seconds! Or that sound relationship advice that worked wonders for us.

Fathers are very knowledgeable & the best part is, they seem ready to help us always. That is a quality enough to attract a person towards their father.

He is my ‘Superhero’

super dad copy

Well, our fathers are nothing less than Superman, just with their inners beneath their pants. They can work outdoors, then come & work indoors, all the while attending to our every wish & demand. Despite their super busy schedule, they take time out for their kids & fulfill their every wish, which in itself should be something of an inspiration to their kids.

They mean the world to us & the world is surely a brighter place with them. Celebrate your father’s innumerable qualities by presenting him with special Father’s Day gifts collection from

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