Make your home Diwalified!

Prosperity & well being are synonymous with the festival of Deepawali. But all the servings of wealth & health are fairly limited when the cleanliness & decoration work is not taken care of. We care for you & have therefore started an initiative to decorate your house to make it feel more like home. But first of all, let’s take a look at the benefits a clean & decorated house holds for you.

A Place worth living!

sarikia090309-0101Decorating a place gives it a complete makeover & makes it look lavish & gorgeous. Even a mundane place of existence could be completely revamped using beautiful decors as props.

Your House- Eye candy of Everyone

Modern-landscape-ideas-front-of-house-with-flower-bedsOnce revamped, your home assumes a personality of its own, & therefore becomes a hot topic of discussion among neighbors & near and dear ones. A fully decorated house works as a charm and acts as an opening for impending wealth.


Interior decorationTalking about wealth, it is said that a beautifully clean & decorated home bears the footprints of Goddess Lakshmi, who in turn rewards you with grandeur & prosperity. A mythical story, perhaps, but still imparting a lesson in keeping your surroundings an envy of all.  A reason enough to start working this Diwali!

With all the above excuses you have for decorating your home, Flaberry is giving you more reasons to cheer. We want every home to be reflective of the splendor of Deepawali, & so, in association with Urban Clap, have taken it upon ourselves to beautify your abode.

We will decorate the house of the first 500 people registering with us by downloading the Urban Clap App with 30 Feet of Marigold & 12 Diyas. The offer is valid from 9th to 11 of November, the day of Deepawali.

The festival of wiping every slate clean & sharing happiness, Deepawali is also the occasion to indulge in a little bit of decoration. Brace yourself, we are coming to give your home a complete makeover.



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