Journey of love

Love is pure and eternal…….

Love is when you walk together holding hands…..

Love is when you share all the little moments……

Love is when you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and valentine’s day together……

Love is when you know that somebody is there for you always……

Love is when you don’t need words to express your feelings…..

Love is when great minds and brave hearts meet……

Love is when you vow to be together for a lifetime…..

Love has many meanings and facets, but the true meaning lies in the hearts that are bound together. The funny moments, petty bickerings, smiling memories, caring expressions and selfless hearts are some beautiful vows of love. Every relation has its significance and love story. You admire every moment cherished with your loved ones. The journey of life encompasses various phases of love. The feeling of having butterflies in the stomach for your first love, the shyness and admiration of getting engaged, the excitement and impeccable feeling when you get hitched with the one you love and a contented feeling of the everlasting love completes your journey.

There are some special moments that you desire to cherish with gifts and surprises. A special gift is a token of love and expression of your feelings. But, have you ever given it a thought that you are getting the right gift for your love?

If no, then discover your journey and hand-pick your unforgettable gift with the diversified and amazing gift collection of!



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A Gift of Love 


First Love- There are no words to explain the feeling of being in love for the first time. Being in love, itself changes your perception of life. Suddenly, life starts to seem beautiful and dreamy. You dress best, behave nicely and do everything to attract the attention of your special someone. Definitely, carrying a gift on your first date will certainly create a great impression on that special someone. To charm them with your presence you can snap up an Orchid Pleasure flower and a Chocolate Bouquet.



journey of love_3

A Gift of Commitment

Popping up the big question - This is the one big moment in everyone’s life. You know when you have found someone special in your life. You do not want to let them go from your life and desire to ask them the “I do” question. A gift can add glorious moments in your proposal. Spellbinding and exclusive Flaberry Red Roses and Red Heart Chocolate pack will complete your surprise.




journey of love_1

A Gift of Pleasure 


Engaged - The journey of getting married starts from engagement. The courtship period is one of the most memorable spans of life. You get to know each other and share your feelings. This is the time when you can woo your someone special with ‘I miss you’ flowers, ‘thank you’ gifts and engagement gifts such as flowers, cakes, chocolate hampers and cupcakes. Make every moment of this period memorable and full of love.



journey of love

A Gift of a Lifetime 


Just Hitched- The decision of spending your life with someone is a life changing moment. Embracing this relation with love and wedding gifts gives a new meaning to life. The most remarkable celebration after marriage is an anniversary. A beautiful bouquet along with a cake, chocolate or customized anniversary cupcake will make for a wonderful anniversary gift.


Love at every age should be embraced with special gifts. Expressing your feelings is an inescapable part of being in love. Make your journey of falling in love gratifying with mind-boggling and memorable gifts collection from!

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