It’s Propose Day: Say it gleefully

With the advent of Valentine’s week, scores of young persons start planning their days with that special someone. However, as in every field of competition, some select few find themselves unworthy of any male or female attention & spend these days slogging in the workplace as usual.

However a third breed is also there; the ones with no committed relations but only a crush. Their  feelings need to be transmitted to the one they love, & that’ where Propose day steps in.

Propose all you want, but some important considerations are worth looking at. Here are a few.

Say It with Roses

Rose-giftWe all know this & this does sound really clichéd, but Roses maketh relations. Wooing a person shouldn’t be considered if you are allergic to roses. They do the work of charming the lady on your behalf. So if you are planning to blurt out your feelings today, have some roses for company.

Chocolates: A girl’s best friend

I-Love-Chocolates-c-D0-BD-CF-83-C2-A2-CF-83-E2-84-93-CE-B1-D1-82-D1-94-D1-95-24011399-1280-1024There could be an outside chance that she might say yes,  just on seeing that box of chocolates in your hand. Yes, that’s how much the ladies love chocolates. So what are you waiting for! Pepper your love for her with a little bit of chocolates.

Your face is like a moon..wait, what!

20130130-024912Does that mean that the glow on her face is due to some other person, whose face probably looks like the sun, right!

Never use those super tacky & cheesy lines on her. Sugar coated will do, but not cheesy.

Proposing in a language they understand

3f563a07ede03476de0a55f4f7bfc4e01Yes, we know love has no language & it is universally acceptable. But still you have to have words to say to them. Try to be genuine & don’t ape some cool lingo, just because you think they would like it. If your feelings are heartfelt, they will be understood, no matter what.

The tips & tricks to propose are infinite to say the least, but as we have come to realize, true love conquers all. So don’t hesitate & make the most of this special day.

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