How to take care of a Lucky Bamboo plant?

Living surrounded by nature opens your senses towards a new dimension of life. Lucky Bamboo is the most gifted and a must have plant for every space. The plant is believed to bring prosperity, happiness and luck in your house.

When kept indoors as Home Décor it balances natural elements including metal, wood, water, earth and fire. The addition of the red ribbon around the stalks makes it beautiful as well as wealthy. However, before buying a plant it is also necessary to know all the facts about plants.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

What is the basic care required for a Lucky Bamboo Plant?

  • It should not be kept under direct sunlight

  • The water level of this plant should be kept 1 inch above the roots

How can you keep your Lucky Bamboo plant long lasting?


It is a fact that this plant should not be kept under direct sunlight. One should also avoid placing it under a sunny windowsill. To witness the best growth for this plant you can place it under moderate levels of indirect light. Keeping the plant under direct sunlight can distort or turn the leaves brown in color.


The best to water a Lucky Bamboo plant is with bottled or filtered water. Generally, tap water is not recommended to nourish this plant as it contains fluoride and can turn the tips of the leaves brown in color. In case you are using tap water, then the amount of fluoride can be reduced by letting it sit for 24 hours before adding it in the plant.

To keep the roots hydrated, the water should be planted at least 1 inch high. It is advised to not overflow the plant with water and the top of the stalk should face the air. In every 14 days, water should be changed to prevent roots from rotting.


To nurture a healthy plant you are advised to give it plant food or fertilizers. Though the plant can survive on water for years, but plant food or fertilizers can add to a healthy growth.



How you can prevent the bamboo stalks from turning yellow?

Firstly, you need to understand the reasons that why leaves turn yellow:

  • High fluoride level in water is one of the main reasons of this problem.

Solution – Use bottled or filtered water. If you do not have this facility, then you can keep the water in the container for 24 hours before planting.

  • Plants placed under direct sunlight is another major cause of this problem.

Solution – Try to place the plant in moderate sunlight or indoors.


Bamboo Plants


What to do if the Lucky Bamboo stalks are turning yellow? 

  • Remove the rocks, if you are using them to support the plant

  • Clean the container with mild soap and air dry

  • Place the plants in the container and add water without the rocks

  • You can check the rocks thoroughly and can add them in the container thereafter.

  • Prevent the stalks from getting dried or wrinkled

  • Water the plant at least 1 inch above the roots. If you find any leaf pale, then gently peel it off to save other leaves.

Follow these simple steps and let your Lucky Bamboo plant grow beautifully and prosper your space with happiness and wealth. Experience the beauty of nature and buy plants online from Flaberry!

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