How To Make A Bouquet?

Bouquets are the best gifts you could possibly give during any special occasion, & how to make your own beautiful flower bouquet is the question many of us normally search for. We have the answer. Below are the steps to make your perfect Flower bouquet, so that your next gift has your personal touch.


Choose the Material


The first step to make a bouquet is gathering all the required materials in one place. For getting your bouquet ready, the ammunition you need are:


  • Florist’s Scissors
  • Fillers,
  • A string to wrap the bouquet
  • Beautiful flowers of your choice.


Arranging the Material

arranging the bouquet

If you plan to include 2 or more type of flowers in the bouquet, choose & condition 3 to 6 stems of each flower variant. In addition, keep aside adequate amount of foliage to be kept in the bouquet.

The next step would be to sort the flowers according to their variations. This will help in clearly judging their colour and size, so that you could arrange them properly.


Choose The Best One

Choose the best flower

To make your bouquet really attractive, choose the best flower to be put at the centre of your bouquet. Normally Roses make for very adorable central attraction, & if the colour of Rose happens to be pink, nothing like it. Put some fillers around the flower. Arrange it in a way such that the flower sits beneath the leaves. Now hold the bunch at the place from where it is to be wrapped.


Add another Flower To Your Special Bouquet

Add another flower

Now choose another flower and insert it into the bunch at the point of your thumb. Put the flower in such a way that the flower head rests in the opposite direction.


Add more flowers, or else…


If you want to add any more variety in your bouquet, you can do it just like other flowers as described above. If not, then trim the stems slightly. Don’t cut the stems too short. Add another layer of fillers at an angle and turn the bunch slightly.


Look at your creation from up above

Top view

After completing the aforementioned steps, look at your created bouquet from above to check for the flower positioning & colour effect. Now arrange next sequence of flowers & keep them slightly lower around the sides to create a domed shape. Make use of all the remaining flowers & fillers and position it so that they sit even lower at the bunch edges.


Tie the Bouquet

tie a bouquet

Wrap a string around the bouquet. Start tying them up at the top of binding point just above your hand. Tie the ends in a knot, so that the bouquet assumes a definite shape. Trim off whatever excesses you see.


Shorten the End part


Trim the end of the stem so that they can sit together. To make it look classy, wrap the stems in any packaging you like. Now your question “How to Make A Bouquet Or Flower Bouquet” Seems answered!


A gift made by your own hold special value in the eyes of the recipient, & a personalized bouquet will make you stand out in the crowd. We at Flaberry are also encouraging you to make your own bouquet and you can make your own flower bouquet by clicking here.

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