Hear Me Out

The tears streamed down her cheeks as she ran across the street. Her vision was blurred and she was shivering, the rain not helping her one bit as she ran towards her apartment in the bitter cold. She had gone through one of the most horrible days at work and all she wanted to do was crawl into her bed and cry. What she really wanted was to go to her boyfriend and hug him and break down while he held her and consoled her but she knew that wasn’t possible. He wasn’t in the city. She sobbed harder as the thought entered her mind that he was never there, never truly there when he needed her.

In another few minutes, she was at her doorstep, fumbling with her bag as her cold fingers searched around for the keys. She then unlocked the door and ran inside to dry herself and warm up so that she didn’t catch a cold. She threw her cell phone and bag on the couch and sprinted inside. Once she had changed into dry clothes, she got into her bed sniffing as all her thoughts crashed down on her. From being upset over her job, her tears started to flow harder as more thoughts entered. All the memories she had with her boyfriend, those moments of silence where they seemed to get lost in each other, those smiles and secrets shared and then the cold comparison of the present and the past. Things had changed so much now. They barely had time. Their work had taken a toll on their relationship and he was never in the city. She knew it wasn’t his fault , his job led him to travel around the country a lot, yet she couldn’t help but blame him for the cracks appearing in their once beautiful relationship. Just before she fell asleep, her eyes settled on the picture of both of them on her bedside table and her hand gripped the silver chain he had gifted her, which she wore around her neck.

She woke up to the incessant blaring of her doorbell. Grumpy and dizzy from a headache, she took her time to get out of bed and make her way through the corridor towards the door. She scowled as she opened the door only to have an expression of confusion when she came face to face with the visitor. She was pleasantly surprised when she took the bouquet of flowers and signed in return and her smile changed to a grin when she was told who had sent them. Her heart fluttered with anticipation when she heard there was more. Once she was alone, she settled down on the couch, the bouquet on her lap, her fingers trembling as they dialed the number to unlock the voice recording she had been sent. With nervous flurry, she pushed the phone against her ear and broke into a gentle smile on hearing his voice. She stayed there, listening to his voice as soft tears escaped her eyes.

“Hey love, I know these past few months have been hectic and arduous and we haven’t been able to find time, but don’t let it get to you. I promise when I come back, we’ll make the best use of our time and make up for what we have lost. I was feeling so hollow today and I didn’t know why, but then I saw the picture of the two of us and I knew you were the only thing that could make me feel better. This is an apology gift for the arguments we had these past few days and also my way of saying I miss you. Maybe now you’ll answer my phone calls. I miss your voice. I miss you. Hope you like the flowers. See you in two days. I love you”

Once the recording was over, she sat there, breathing heavily, her heart thumping loudly. The silence around her wasn’t heavy or filled with tension. She picked up the flowers and breathed in the scent and saw a small card there. She plucked it out and opened it and saw a tiny note scribbled in his writing. It read “I love you bugs” and she giggled as she remembered the day he had started calling her that because of her love for the cartoon character. She got off her seat and reached for the phone. She hit the speed dial and bit her lip in anticipation for him to answer it. The minute the ringing stopped and she heard his voice, she blurted out “I love you too.”

The conversation lasted well over three hours ending on an extremely happy and loved up note.


Submitted by : Sneha Sarcar

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