Har ek friend zaroori hota hai – This friendship day know your friends!!!!

Do you remember the commercial of Har ek friend zaroori hota hai that came in the year 2011? It was a big hit among youngsters. The feeling of the song easily connected with everyone who understands the meaning and feeling of having really close and the best of friends in their life.

This friendship day, let’s cherish once again every type of friend that we have in our lives and how special each one of them is:

Fun loving – This is one friend that is always happy and cheerful. This buddy can make your day even if you are not feeling good or well. This friend is a must-have in everyone’s life.

Lifesavers – This is one friend that will save you from every kind of situation in life. You just need to tell him/her and your problem will be solved.

Gossip-monger – This is the one friend that is almost inevitable to have in every group. You can get all the gossip under the sun from this friend. So, whenever you are feeling out of the blue this friend can certainly entertain you.

Introvert – To get this friend out of the comfort zone you need to make an extra effort. This one will not gel easily with everyone. So, if you really think that the person is worth making the effort, then you should not let this beautiful friend go from your life.

Traveloholics – This one loves to travel and explore new places. He is always ready to take you to anywhere in the world and explore the novelty that each place brings along. So, anytime if you wish to travel anywhere in the world, then this friend will be your ultimate guide and will add many beautiful memories in your travelogue.

Party animals – This friend will be your trump card to count on for a party anytime and anywhere. He is a social animal and loves to party every day. So, this is also a must have friend in every group.

Crazy – This is the one friend who will do anything unimaginable anywhere. He will give you some real fun and crazy moments of life that you will cherish forever. The best quality of this friend is that he does what he desires.

Ambitious – This is the one friend who will be responsible in his life. He will have his dreams and will work to fulfill them. This friend can be a real inspiration for you.

Brave and courageous – This friend is full of courage and life. He will stand with you against all the odds and will be your strength in every situation.

The cool dude – This is one person you will find in every group. He will flaunt expensive cars, accessories and other things. He will try to be the hero of the group.

Soul sisters – It’s not every day that you will find a friend who can be true to you and will be just like you. Sometimes, in life you find friends with whom you can actually connect and feel like soul sisters. This is one friend that you would want to hold forever.

Loyal and supportive – Some friends are like gifts in your life. This one would be who will always be loyal to you and will support you in every situation possible.

Gift for Friends

Friends are the best part of life. Having good and loving friends in this competitive and stressful world is not that easy and once you have them in your life, then you would certainly not want them to go away from your life. Never miss an opportunity to show your love for your real friends. This Friendship Day, cherish this beautiful bond with an exclusive and customized friendship day gift collection from Flaberry!

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  1. Alo Omar November 19, 2014 at 4:25 pm Reply

    I need a Fun loving friend who will keep me happy and smiling all the day. :(

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