Gifting ideas to win her back

Gifting is an extremely arduous & hard task, & no one knows it better than the couples who we see regularly, all mushy and in love. Great scholars are of the opinion that it is one thing to have a romantic relationship, a completely different thing is to maintain it. Every relation comes with big & small problems & misunderstandings;her being angry with you for forgetting your anniversary tops the list.

As always, we are here to help you. Trust us for bringing a smile on your sweetheart’s face, as we are sort of expert in this field. So presenting 10 gifting ideas you should pay heed to, if you want her to love you more.

Letters of Love


The most traditional & effective way to express your inner feelings, a love letter is something which is in vogue since the advent of paper. If she is upset with you, there is nothing like describing the love you have for her in your own writing & giving it to her. We bet that after reading it, she would be proud of having a soulmate like you. Try it!



Love & Roses can’t be apart, can they! A bunch of Roses with a personalized message is what you need to present to her, if she is adamant about not talking to you. A sure-shot matchmaker for generations.

Flower Bouquets


Yes, you don’t want to gift something which is gifted by virtually every lover, & we get it. But don’t worry, there are many more options to choose from. Choose from exquisite flower bouquets like Carnations, & see how that beautiful face of hers lights up.

Personalized Items


Instead of giving generic presents, try personalized items featuring both of you or a quote celebrating your true love. Choose from personalized cushions, watches & Flower Vase, made to order just for you.

Chocolate Bouquets


Chocolates are a girl’s best friend, a fact which could be no closer to the truth.Nothing arouses & excites a girl more (apart from a teddy) than Chocolates. They absolutely love them, & therefore gifting a chocolate bouquet is certainly an amazing idea. You can either gift her the enchanting bouquet shown above, or choose from our range of classy chocolate arrangements.

Holi Special

holi-productNow here is your chance to make your & your loved one’s holi special. We have launched a special Holi Bouquet for just Rs.99. Now color her life and her bad mood with this special gift.

Gifts are meant to make someone feel special, & at Flaberry, we are proud of our ability to do so through our offerings. Visit us for more charming takeaways & gifts for any and everyone you love. Till then, Happy Flaberring!

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