Floral Trends – Rosy ride across the world!

If there is any season to enjoy the beauty of flowers, then it’s this season. Gardens are enriched with beautiful and fresh blooms making the season lovely. Make this season more endearing with the latest Floral trends across the world.

From gardens – home décor – fashion – beauty —- the air across the world is Rosy this season. They also make for a wonderful gift on special occasions.




Rosy Home Decor

Whether, it is a single stalk or an entire rose bed in your home the beauty of these beautiful blooms will always be mesmerizing.


Roses of Decor


The speckled Red, Yellow, White, Pink and Orange roses will allure everyone’s attention in your sweet home.

Accessorizing Roses

Ditch the traditional decked up jewelries and steal the limelight with elegant and beautiful Rose accessories.

Roses of Jewellery

Rosy Couture

A soothing and pleasing rose printed beautiful dress is the highlight of runways this season.

Roses of Couture

Rosy Wedding Bells

In the western culture, white rose is the traditional beauty of a bride. Back in Asia, the traditional white color is overtaken by the pastel hues of Revival colors including Mint, blush pinks and peach.

Roses of Wedding

Rose Beauty

The significance of this bud is its beauty and spellbinding fragrance. Explore the sweet rose oil on your skin to combat acne ridden skin and make your skin beautiful and scintillating.

Roses of Beauty

Roses of Beauty

All across the globe, roses are glorifying fashion runways. Experience the beauty of rose this season with Flaberry!



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