Flaberry Augmented Reality App in News!

Flaberry has added another stepping stone in its journey with its recently launched Flaberry Augmented Reality app. The app is a high-tech innovation, which gives you an amazing opportunity to add a personalized video message with your gifts. The app is launched along with simple steps of use that makes sending a video as easy as can be. It’s no surprise that this exciting new app has created a buzz online after it was made available as a free download on Google Play. The innovative features have grabbed many eyeballs in the cyber world.

The app has also made its way in the news online and is getting exposure among the masses through extensive media coverage. Here are some excerpts from the coverage’s.

“The leading online gifting portal Flaberry.com is going to offer the customers a whole new and never experienced before way of online gifting through their newly launched Flaberry Augmented Reality app. The next generation app allows users to send customized video messages along with their gifts thereby personalizing the entire gifting experience. Presently, the app is available for free to download on Google Play.”

Here is what the expert from The Tropical Post Team has said about FAR.

“Flaberry, a leading online gift portal catering to Indian cities provides its customers with a unique experience of sending online gifts by introducing augmented reality technology. The company has launched an AR app known as the Flaberry Augmented Reality app or FAR app. The app will bring gifts to life with personalized messages that the senders can attach with the gift and the recipients can view them with the help of the app.”

Here is what The Augmented Reality Trends Team has said about FAR.

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