Fastest Flower Delivery Is Here – Get On Board!

Gone are the days when just thinking about sending a gift to someone came with a lots of headaches. But with various tweaks and enhancements in technology, various new options like Same Day Delivery & Midnight Delivery came and made sending gifts easier. There lies waiting, however, another twist in the tale.

Forget One day deliveries, since Flaberry has come up with a novel concept in the gifting segment. Now you don’t have to wait for a lengthy duration for your deliveries, as your product would reach you in as early as 45 minutes! Yes you read that right.

Making its foray into Mobile World for now, the Flaberry 2.0 is promising to be a phenomenon in itself. For consumer convenience, we have divided the delivery services into 4 segments, thereby giving power in the hand of the user. Given below are the 4 categories in relation to speed: -

Flash Delivery – 45 Minutes


If you have taken too long to choose a gift & the occasion is ticking closer, don’t fret much. By availing this mode of delivery, you can get your product “in a flash”, i.e. just in 45 minutes. So next time when you forget to shop for a gift, just pick your mobile & order the Flash Delivery.

Express Delivery – 180 Minutes


If Flash is “too fast” for you, then we have the more sober express variant for you.
If you suddenly thought of surprising your hubby with a flower bouquet just when he is coming home, we have your back. Avail express delivery and the bouquet will reach you within 180 minutes, or 3 hours to be precise, anywhere across India! If it’s not fast enough for you, we don’t know what is.

Regular Delivery


This is the normal delivery which you used to avail, & could still avail anytime. Under this category, orders can be placed between 10 am to 8 pm, and it will be delivered accordingly.

Midnight Delivery


Planning to surprise your best friend in the middle of the night! We are here to help you. Choose midnight delivery and get your product delivered between 11 pm to 1 am.

If you are mistaking it for just another Free Delivery Gimmick, it frankly isn’t so. With many updates and user friendly attributes woven into it, it is the whole consumer friendly package you will get. Let’s look at some of its attributes to know better.

Streamlined Interface

With a huge improvement over its existing interface, the new Flaberry 2.0 is user friendly as it is very easy to use even for a tech novice, Everything has been explained in sharp detail here.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Just a few taps and you will be on your way to booking yourself a beautiful gift. Yes, it is that easy to purchase a goodie for your loved one with Flaberry.

Real Time Tracking

This is the most important and user friendly feature included in the super sleek Flaberry frame. This feature lets the consumer track his/her product in real time. For this to happen, you just have to tap on the left side of your Flaberry Mobile screen, click on Profiles & log in to your account. Now you don’t have to wonder where that order has gone which we promised you to deliver!

With speed at its forefront and many more enticing features to boot, Flaberry 2.0 is committed to make your Online Shopping that much more easier.

Just go to Play Store and download the Flaberry App, & immerse yourself in this new world!

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