Embrace the diversity of your mom this Mother’s Day

India is a diverse nation with various cultures and languages. The country has a rich and several millennia old history. The values, traditions and ethics of different religions and castes make India a colorful country. Though, being from different religions, people have respect and love for each other. The heterogeneous food, cultural norms, delicious foodstuff and languages have an intense impact across the world. The ethos of every language is amazing. Every lingo has its twists and turn. The most touchy feeling of Punjabis, sophisticated Gujaratis, soft spoken Tamils to outspoken Marathis, all the languages have their pinch of salt & sweetness.

The story of every religion and every house starts with only one name “Mom”. Whether, she heartily giggles with you in Punjabi, teaches you in Gujarati, preaches you the Telugu way or inspires you in Marathi, in every form she has a lovable charisma. She gives you all the happiness of the world. The deviating customs, also lead to divergence in lifestyle and tastes. Every mom has a different craving and taste. This particular reason at times becomes a hindrance while selecting a gift. If this is the situation you are struck by, then do not worry.

The variegated and themed Mother’s Day chocolate bar collection has a perfect gift for every mom. The chocolates are customized and designed on the theme of Mother’s Day.

The Punjabi mom – The traditional Punjabi mom will always greet with a Satsriakal…. :)  When it comes to your tastes and desires, she aces them all. A loud and fun to be Punjabi mom deserves a gift that can outshine her vibrant persona. World’s Best Mom, Cuddling Mother’s Day Chocolate bar, smiling and many other Chocolate bars will be worthy of your colorful Punjabi mom. 

Chocolate Gift for Mom

A token of sweetness for the happy-go-lucky Punjabi mom

The Gujarati mom – The traditional Gujarati mom will always greet with a Kem Cho….. :)  From the world famous Dhokla, phaphra, roasted papads and undhiu she has served you with every delicious cuisine. Now, it’s your time to savor her taste buds with a yummy and delectable chocolate bar. Splendid, Exquisite and Yummy Mother’s Day chocolate bar are best for her. 

Chocolate Gift for Mom

A token of sweetness for the adorable Gujarati mom

The Tamil mom – The traditional Tamil mom always greets with a Vanakkam….. :) The highly sophisticated mom has garnered you with positivity, etiquettes and ethics. Mother’s Day is the occasion to thank her for everything with Sweet, Wow, Loving and Super Mom chocolate bar.

Chocolate Gift for Mom

A token of sweetness for the sophisticated Tamil mom

The Telugu mom- The traditional Telugu mom always greets with a Namaskaram….. :)  They are fun loving and want their kids to be the same. She preaches you the true values of life. This Mother’s Day tell her how much you love her with Soothing, Dark Ivory, Hearty and Happy Mother’s Day Chocolate bar.

Chocolate Gift for Mom

A token of sweetness for the fun loving Telugu mom

The Marathi mom – The traditional Marathi mom will always greet with a Namaskar…. :)  With her cute and loving gestures she makes everybody fond of her. She has always delighted you with Pohey, Sabudana Khichdi and mouthwatering Vada Pao. This Mother’s Day give her a gratifying treat with Love you mom, Delightful, Mesmerizing and marvelous Mother’s Day Chocolate bar. 

Chocolate for Mom

A token of sweetness for the star Marathi mom

The Bengali mom – The traditional Bengali mom will always greet with a Nômoshkar…. :) Like the famed Bengali sweet your mom has always filled sweetness in your life with her love and care. This Mother’s Day return her with all the love and sweetness with I love mummy, Adorable, Yummy and Best Mother’s Day Chocolate bar. 

Chocolate for Mom

A token of sweetness for the sugary Bengali mom

Make this day the best day of your mom’s life. Endow her with all the love and sweetness, this Mother’s Day with luscious and succulent Mother’s Day themed Dark Ivory Chocolate bars from Flaberry!

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