Cupid’s work in 7 days

February is well on its way and with each passing day, the stress increases, lip chewing and nail biting begins and the horror starts to grow as Valentine’s Day approaches and with it, the befuddled minds and hearts.

What gifts to give, how to give and how to make the week the sweetest keeps everyone on their toes and a well thought out idea might not go the intended way if the timing isn’t right. The same goes for those who want to express their feelings and don’t know how to go about it.
February 7th to February 14th might just be the scariest week for all the lovebirds out there.

So how does one go about it ? How does one make the best use of the seven days leading to the ultimate day of romance ? How does one help but not smile in ecstasy ? Well, here’s how.

February 7th : This day marks the beginning of the celebration with the first gesture of courting. Roses. Unknown to many, every flower is symbolic and says a lot. So, it won’t do good if you go ahead and gift the wrong flower to the wrong person. Roses have always been associated with romance and love but mind you, they too have their meanings so keep in mind which one you present because they say a lot. Here we have the different roses and the beauty behind this flower is, you don’t have to put words to the gift. The rose says it all.

  • RED : Love, Beauty, Romantic love, Sincere love and Passion.
  • Dark Red : Unconscious beauty.
  • A single Red : “I love you”.
  • White : “I am worthy of you”, Heavenly, Reverence, Humilty, Purity.
  • Pink : Admiration, Gentleness, “Please believe me”.
  • Yellow : Joy, Friendship, Promise of a new beginning, “I care”.
  • Yellow with a Red tip : Falling in love.
  • Coral : Desire.
  • Lavender : Infatuation, Love at first sight.

One must keep in mind, that this gift marks the beginning of the week and also speaks in silent words what you are feeling. This gift is always expected from a boy but girls shouldn’t hold back if they really wish to do so. If nervousness gets the better of you, then gift it subtely and without the flamboyance that would have otherwise come with it.

February 8th : The second day of the week is when one expresses themselves through words. You propose to your partner or the person you love. For those who are taking the big step, don’t hold back. Put your heart on your sleeve and express yourself. Don’t exaggerate or undervalue what you feel. This day gives you the chance to truly say what’s been going on in your head. Be careful of your partner’s expression though. If you feel that aiming for a relationship is going too fast or too soon, then propose an alternative, where you both explore each other’s worlds and try it out by being or acting as more than just friends. For those who have already crossed this stage, say it all and say it with all the joy in your heart. Let this day mark a happy journey for the two of you. Those who are already in a relationship, don’t have to lose out on this day just because they’ve already been proposed to. Remember this day, re-live it. Reenact it if you want. Remind yourselves of how you two started and go back to the intial days when you both couldn’t get enough of each other.

February 9th : Chocolate day is the most anticipated day of the entire week other than Valentine’s Day itself. Everyone salivates for chocolates and nothing makes the heart sing than a box of chocolates. One has to keep in mind that not every one has that sweet a tooth, so go easy if you know your partner isn’t crazily fond of chocolates. For those who want to go the extra mile, try for liquoruish chocolates or flavoured chocolates. They give that extra kick and also pump up the emotions. The best, though, would be a box of white, milk or dark chocolate, depending on your partner’s personal like wrapped and gifted in a sweet gesture. One doesn’t necessarily have to spend a lot or go out of their way. It’s the thought that counts and the way the gesture is made that is remembered. So keep it beautiful, cherishable and extra sweet.

February 10th : This day is all for the ladies. Every woman still nurtures the teenage teddy bear loving girl in them and nothing makes them squeal and giggle like a warm, furry, cuddlesome teddy bear. Big, small or even a key chain, there is bound to be a lot of sighing and swooning when you gift your girl a teddy bear. Enjoy the moment when you gift it, because it is at this moment that you’ll see the child in her. For all those who have just started out, be slow and don’t go overboard. You might make her nervous and a tad bit uncomfortable.

February 11th : During the course of our relationship, we all make promises. We break some and make some more. This day marks the moment when you make a promise which your partner will hold you too. Don’t make outrageous promises or promises that might not be set in stone. Do not fake promises either. Take some time, think it through and then make a promise that speaks of your sincerity and genuineness. A promise that you know you can keep and are proud of having made. A promise is a promise and it can talk of the future, the past or the present so make it count.

February 12th : Who doesn’t love hugs ? Everyone craves for a hug from time to time and nothing can replace the hug you get from your lover or the one you give. The very feeling of being held, breathing in sync and relaxing to the heartbeat of your partner makes the world seem more beautiful. So go all out. Hug your lover with all the love and affection you have. Put across words through it, be it comfort, security or adoration. Let the other one feel special. So much so, that they don’t want to let go. A hug is a beautiful gesture and the comfort it gives can never be replaced. Those approaching a relationship, be tender and considerate and aware of your partner and their movements. Those already committed, hug so tight, air can’t pass between you two. Revel in the hug. Let the warmth spread.

February 13th : This day is one of the most important days of this glorious week. It’s the day when you seal your courting and also seal your love. This kiss should be perfect. Tender, soft and caring. Be it the first kiss of the relationship, or the first kiss of many, make sure it counts. Let it be a soft caress. Don’t push your partner for more and let the moment be perfect. If you feel you, or your partner isn’t ready, don’t feel bad. There is more to a kiss then just lips uniting. When you kiss someone on the cheek, you express affection and comfort. A lingering kiss says the same but also leaves more to be desired. A kiss on the forehead speaks genuine love and care and security and unison. Time it right and make sure, the kiss is the right one.

February 14th : Finally, the much awaited Valentine’s Day. Make this day about the both of you. Dedicate all your time and energy for your partner on this day and make it every second spent worth it. Create memories, smile, cuddle and make this day beautiful. Devote your concentration to your partner and remember their whims and fancies. Celebrate their presence in your life and thank them for their importance and value in your life. Let them know, what they mean to you, how they make you feel and where they stand in your life. Remember, this day is for you to celebrate your unison.

One thing to keep in mind is that the little things count. Keep in mind the small things that you otherwise might not have paid heed to. Use them to heighten the celebrations. Go by your instinct and let your heart take control. Be reasonable but let raitonality fly out the window for this week. Let your emotions and your heart guide you and this week will be your best ever.


Submitted by : Sneha Sarcar

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