Corporate Gifting For Deepawali

Gifting during Deepawali is done by all & sundry, whether they be individuals or companies. It is the season of prolonged festivities & heartwarming gifts, to be given & received by loved ones & social fraternity as a whole.

This festival is one of the select few, where the idea of gifting & the sector governing it is very large. Deepawali is considered as the festival of prosperity, goodwill & above all, light. Light in our lives makes us happy, & consequently the urge to gift assume center stage.

While gifting pertaining to individuals is a common theme prevalent in markets, it is the gifts that the companies or corporate world wants that ought to be special.

Gifting For Corporates

shutterstock_120556963Running a business is an unenviable task, which requires lots of hard work & dedication to succeed. Naturally , it is the duty of the employer to maintain pleasing relations with every employee & other clients he is dealing with, since they are the life & blood of the enterprise. Corporate gifting is a step closer towards valuing your employees  & acknowledging their importance in your organization.

Flaberry – Gifting with a Difference01-1b4bb497-144e-47dd-ae8a-7c1b498b62ee_largeWe at Flaberry become immensely cheerful on the prospect of every festival, & completely understand the value of an employee & of course, the value of a heart touching gift. We have come up with special Chocolate Boxes for Deepawali Corporate gifting, a present that would be enjoyed & surely preserved delightfully by the recipients.

Special Features of the Chocolate Box

choco-bar-largeA gift commemorating such a festival as Deepawali ought to be special, & our Chocolate Boxes are no exception. They are made with lots of love & craftiness. Take a look at some of the features of Chocolate Boxes: -

Wide Range

avantaOur Chocolate Boxes come in a vast range of design & quality. We cater in diverse material for preparing our special boxes, namely Mdf, Corrugate, Vinyr, Paper & Cardboard Boxes. The quality of the boxes is top notch & the price is very economical. You can even use the boxes as souvenirs & preserve them to show their beauty to your loved ones!


Cmr (1)We offer special customization in our corporate gifts. Entirely personalize your Chocolate box & provide even  the chocolate wrappers a more special touch with your company name and logo, or as per your choice.


chocolate 2What is a festival without some exotic flavors thrown here & there! That is what we provide with our delicious chocolates. Enjoy the chocolates in yummy flavors such as Orange, Butterscotch & Mango.


Deepawali is a time to create & sustain bonds, & nothing could be of more help than a perfect Deepawali Gift. Come take a look at what we have to offer, & make gifting memorable with Flaberry.

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  1. Anjali Goyal November 3, 2015 at 11:48 pm Reply

    Pl let me know the price. I have liked yr boxes

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