Colourful Surprises Part 2!


The second part of the series Colorful Surprises succeeds with the “flower of god”, Carnation.

The beautiful and bright Carnation belongs to the species of Dianthus and is also known as Dianthus Caryophyllus or Clove Pink. It is a perennial flower and favorite among florists because of its wide accessibility in large arrangements, bouquets, vases, boutonnieres and corsage. Its vibrant colors and natural beauty endures a lasting impression. They also enjoy a longer shelf life than that of many other flowers.

Carnations also have a moment of honor in being the national flower of Spain and the state flower of Ohio. They are herbaceous plants that can grow up to 32 inches with a sweet scent and single or grouped bloom in 3-5 large clusters. The foliage of this flower always remains fresh and the color varies from green, grayish blue to purple. The petals of this mesmerizing flower are soft and arranged in either an overlapping or single manner with serrated or claw-like edges. Mainly carnations are of 3 types, Larged flower that grows with a large flower per stem, Spray Carnation that grows small flowers per stem and Dwarf flowered Carnation that is the smallest type and has several buds growing per stem.

When endowed to loved ones, it expresses true love and emotions. It has enigmatic colors that have different meaning and significance. Before picking it as a gift for your loved ones, know all about its variegated colors and their significance.

Which color of Carnation flower to gift?

Gift a red carnation

Red Carnation

Red is the color of love and passion and red Carnations express your love and admiration for your loved ones. There are diverse shades of red with different meanings and significance. Light red is gifted to convey admiration and dark red for deep love and affection.

Gift a pink carnation

Pink Carnation

Among all, pink Carnations are the most popular. Pink color has always been associated with feminity. The color embraces the unconditional and undying love of a mother for her child. The origin of pink carnations extends back to the time of Virgin Mary and Jesus. She cried for Jesus at the time of his crucifixion. Since then, they have become the symbol of motherly love.

Gift a white carnation

White Carnation

White is the color of purity and tranquility. Bestowing white carnations signifies pure love and good luck. It is a universal color and can be given to anyone including friends, siblings and lovers on any occasion.

Gift a Green carnation

Green Carnation

Green is the color of nature and peace. It reflects well-being, prosperity and youth. It is one of the most beautiful flowers that can bring a beautiful smile on your loved ones face.

Surprise your loved one with the beautiful colors of carnations and according to the occasion. Experience the joy of gifting with every color of Carnation and and buy flower online from Flaberry!

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