Colourful Surprise Part 1!


The colorful blooms, delicate petals, mystical fragrances and spellbinding charm leave an unforgettable impression on everyone. Flowers have an impeccable beauty that can bring a beautiful smile on anyone’s face. They are often gifted by people to their loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and often without any special reason. They add a moment of love and emotion in your life. There are many geneses of flowers, but most of you are not aware about their features and significance. Every flower has a history, meaning and significance.

A Rose is the most loved and honored flower. It is a perennial flower from the genus of Rosa. It has over 100 species and comes from the family of Rosaceae. The beautiful petals of a rose flower are naturally modified leaves with extra nutrients that inherit varied fragrances and colors. The variegated colors have a natural charm that entices everyone. Every rose color has a different meaning and significance. A Rose flower is often gifted on many occasions. Knowing their significance and meaning, will enable you to hand-pick the best gift for your loved ones.

Which color of Rose flower to gift?

Gift a Red Rose

Symbol of Love and Romance



Red Roses –A red rose has a universal significance. It is the symbol of love and represents a saga of enduring love, great courage and respect. Originally, it was used for adorning marriage ceremonies and as a part of wedding attire, which eventually made it the symbol of love and care. It is the best way to express your feelings for your loved ones.



Gift a Yellow Rose

Symbol of Friendship, Joy and Good health



Yellow Roses – A Yellow Rose is associated with sun and has endured its warmth and life giving power. Yellow rose is given to send the wishes of well-being, happiness, friendship and ‘get well soon’. It is loved for its simple, captivating architecture and optimistic hue.




Gift an Orange Rose

Symbol of Enthusiasm and Passion




Orange (Peach) Roses – An Orange Rose is a beautiful discovery from the blend of yellow and red roses. It engrosses all the qualities of both the colors expressing love and friendship. It represents boundless enthusiasm and desire.



Gift a Purple Rose

Symbol of Elegance and Royalty




Lavender (Purple) Roses – It is the perfect rose expressing elegance and grandeur. It expresses love at first sight or adoring someone. It embraces the richness and bond of various relationships. The rare color makes this rose mysterious and enchanting.



Gift a Pink Rose

Symbol of Love, Gratitude and Appreciation




Pink Roses – Pink roses are also known as blushing beauties and are the first colored rose. It expresses deep love, affection, gratitude, appreciation, gentleness and admiration. It has a soft touch of emotion and affection. It is the best gift for the person to whom you love and respect the most.




Gift a White Rose

Symbol of Marriage, Spirituality and New beginnings




White Roses – The white color has an essence of purity, honesty and innocence. It expresses sophistication, honor and loyalty. It also marks new beginnings in the journey of love and life. In the West the roses are used as bridal flowers.



How many Roses to gift and when?

1 Rose – Love at first sight (Lavender), You are the one (Red)

2 Roses – Mutual love or attraction (Red or white individually or Red & white together)

3 Roses – I Love You (Red)

6 Roses – I want to be yours (Red, orange, lavender)

7 Roses – Infatuated (Orange, Lavender or red)

10 Roses – You are perfect (any color)

12 Roses – Be Mine (red, white, orange, lavender)

Now, that you know the significance and meaning of every rose color, you can pick your gift accordingly for your loved ones. Experience the joy of gifting and surprise your loved ones with every color of Rose and send flowers online via Flaberry!

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