6 Weird Flower Superstitions We Bet You Didn’t Know

If you are a human, which I guess you are, then you must have come across many superstitious things & events, which may have forced you to question your sanity.

A superstition can be & has been created using every medium there is, & absolutely nothing has been spared. Sadly, the harmless flowers are also in the list of superstitious items.

While we may love a beautiful bouquet of Roses, that same bouquet is considered unlucky somewhere in the world. Let’s take a look at 6 of the weirdest superstitions related to flowers.


Have you ever said no to a bunch of dozen flowers! Or will you! We bet you never will, because flowers are one of the most beautiful creations around. But hold your horses as a bouquet of a dozen flowers is also considered superstitious somewhere. In Russia, it is apparently considered Bad Luck to give an even number of flowers to a woman. Wait what!


Imagine yourself as a working woman with no intention of marrying in the foreseeable future. And then a White Rose bloom somewhere!

In many parts of the world, it is said that if a White Rose bloom in the month of Autumn, then it signifies an early marriage. Go figure it. We dare you. We double dare you.


The flower of Dandelion is pretty to look at, & next time when you look at them, please count your children before they hatch!

You haven’t read anything wrong, as it turns out. In some parts of the world, to find out how many children you will have, you just have to blow a Dandelion seed in one go & there… the no. of remaining seeds = No. of your future children. It doesn’t get creepier & weirder than this surely.


All of us have done many things in our life to get success. From going to temples to eating certain foods to sometimes actually doing the hard work, there surely is no other way for good luck to come towards us.  Or is there!

We can’t hate people enough for tearing Rose leaves, & we hate them more when they throw those in flames. But apparently these leaves put to flames bring you good luck. I am going just now to buy a bunch of Roses.


People love flowers till the day they are alive. But they love & need it after their death too.

In some cultures, Roses are planted near loved one’s graves to protect them from evil spirits. If you have a deceased lover, it will be a red Rose, & for the virgins, white Roses. We get it, White means pure. But, seriously!!


Have you loved someone deeply, or better, loved 2 men at the same time, but can’t seem to decide whom to choose! We have a solution for you.

In some parts of the world, if the woman has more than one lover, she writes their names on different Rose leaves & throws them in wind. The person, whose name is written on the leaf that touches the ground last will be the chosen one she should marry. Well the more you learn!

We all know superstitions are born & bred in an idle mind, but they are as enjoyable as anything. Just as enjoyable as the feeling of gifting flowers to your loved ones.

Buy, send & gift flowers from us, & never ever believe in any superstition, specially related to flowers.

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