5 Type of Teachers We All Have Encountered

God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created Teachers to take care of us, as the saying goes. Teachers assume the responsibility of our second guardians during our stint in schools and play the role of mentor after that.

But as we know that there are various kinds of gods, in the same way there are various types of teachers whose nature and attitude towards life in general is pretty different from each other. As Teacher’s Day is approaching fast, let’s take the opportunity to take a look at 5 teachers almost everyone of us encountered.

The Understanding Teacher


We are starting the list with the most common and most respected of the categories of them all. They are the teachers we always wanted to have more of the periods, since they understood our, a student’s concern, & helped us wholeheartedly. It would have been a really tough journey had they not been there to guide us. Thank you Sir & Mam.

The Know It All teacher


While teachers are supposed to know everything in their realm, some of them just cross the line. For these teachers, being humble is a character completely non-existent. They always sprout words of wisdom and expect everyone else to follow suit. While we not exactly hated them, they surely annoyed us during the time we knew them.

The Eccentric Teacher


They are the most fascinating and interesting of characters apart from being teachers. You never knew what to expect from them in their class. Their lectures maybe anything, they surely were not bland. Also you never knew whether he will punish you for your mistake or just laugh along. But rest assured, we enjoyed their classes more than anyone else.

The High Temper Teacher


I am pretty sure that everyone of us had one of them either in school or colleges, I certainly had many. They expect you to obey them and memorize everything they teach you. Being students, obviously it becomes a non achievable task for us, for which we get punished and beaten black & blue. Attending their class used to be a nightmare, but there is no questioning their effort in making us the disciplined beings we are today.

The Teacher On Teacher’s Day


These teachers, who are basically students in the guise of teachers for a day, made for the most adorable and cute teachers. We always eagerly awaited this day when our seniors would be teachers, & when our turn came eventually, the excitement was something seen to be believed.


In the regular struggle of work pressure and deadlines, we find ourselves unable to stop and thank the persons who shaped our lives, and our teachers come in that special category.

This Teacher’s Day, let’s pay tribute to our mentors with a token of appreciation they surely will cherish. Visit us to find many varieties of Flowers and other gifts, just for your amazing teacher.


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