5 Type Of Friends We All Need In Our Lives

Friends are the people who make our lives worth fussing about. They are there in every stage of our life, playing fighting, sharing their unique perspective on all things under the sky and most importantly chilling with us. But despite every friend having his own special trait, one thing is common – they all teach us a thing or two about love, bonhomie and unadulterated affection.

As the Friendship Day is nearing by, let’s celebrate all those different varieties of friends, who sure have impacted your life some way or the other. The 5 types mentioned here would surely fill you with nostalgia and newfound love for your friend.


The One Who Is Loyal


To be fair, this category is very rare, but they do exist. They are the ones who are your true buddies, would never leave your side and you can almost always expect their opinion flowing for anything remotely related to you.

Probably, the amazing song – “You’ve got a Friend in Me” was created keeping these category of companions of yours in mind.

The One Who is Wise


Although, almost every other man we bump in our lives claim to be wise and intelligent, though, more often than not, that is not the case.

But everyone of us have had the pleasure of having one such wise friend, who gave us tips on how to be spared from our teacher’s sticks, to get good marks in exams and most importantly, how to win in life!

The One Who is Funny


What would be our life if we did not have all those funny friends by our side! In movies and shows, they show the funny friends as eternal sidekicks, but that is not the case by any stretch of imagination.

The funny ones are the crowd pleasing ones, the ones you would turn your attention to, and they made us forget all our worries and sorrows with their humorous take on everything.

The One Belonging to Another Culture


Most of you would agree with me that whatever intolerance we as a country, and as an individual possess, is possible because of persons of another religion and culture being present in our life.

There is a saying that if one respects a person, he will surely respect all humanity. This trait is gained by us through immense help from our bilingual friends, who unknowingly taught us about intolerance and loving a person’s character, not his and her faith.

The One Who Became Our Life


I almost see many of you blushing and immediately reminded to a dialogue from a prominent movie – “Ek ladka ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte!” Well turns out they can be friends, but sometimes they become such good friends of ours that we decide to make them our life partners.

Every friend of ours knowlingly and unknowingly teaches us something and becomes an integral part of our life. And such good friends need to be rewarded with something special.

Enter Flaberry 2.0. Thus Friendship Day, delight your friend with amazing flowers like Roses, Carnations, Lilies among others, delivered in just under an hour! Make us a part of your friendship tale.

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