5 Things you Hear The Most During Navratras.

Well, we are in the middle of the Navratri celebrations & the whole country is in religious frenzy & festive fervour.

A part of this fun & enjoyment, for me, are the clichéd statements we make during this 9 day festivity, a few of which quite hilariously show our hypocritical side. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common phrases you may hear during Navratras.

Chicken! Me! Never.


The most common statement that we almost always come across from one of our dear friends, who, on other days, most probably sleep with a chicken leg in hand. Vegetarian for 9 full days! I say more power to him.

Alcohol – Quit It Yesterday Night.

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No party is complete without a little booze, the only exception being this 9 day long festival. So naturally some people think it wise to announce their quitting of Sharaab, albeit only till the Navratris are in full flow. Some things are harder to leave than others. We couldn’t agree more.

Aaj mera Upwaas hai!

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Fasting is actually very good for your health, since not eating for a period of time actually helps in our metabolism. However the fasting in Navratra is on a different level altogether. From special Navratra snacks to special “Fasting feasts” & that yummy “Saabudaane ki Kheer”, it is natural to fast to your heart’s content. Count me in as well!

Let’s Go To ‘Mata Ki Chowki’

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Come the Navratras, even the supposedly ‘Atheist’ people flock to ‘Mata ke Darbar.’ Visiting the temples during these 9 days is considered essential to worshipping the deity. That’s why, it is the oft spoken sentiment of people this religious festival. Jai Mata Di!

Gehun ka Aata Nahi…’Kuttu’ ka Atta


For all of us foodies, this festival is a goldmine of sorts. You can wave goodbye to those traditional food items & instead opt for Kuttu & Shinghare ka Atta along with Makhaane ki Kheer. And all of this while fasting. #FoodGoals.

The festival of 9 days, Navratris, come with many clichéd traditions & dialogues, but at the end of the day, it is a celebration, an occasion to indulge & gift.

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