5 Flowery Memories Associated With Diwali

No celebration is meant to be enjoyed in isolation and Diwali is no exception. It is a time when all the long lost relatives, the ones you have never seen in a long long time, reappear magically with a box of Sweets & Dry Fruits in hand. This festival is known to be harbinger of relations apart from lighting and lots of crackers.

However, for many of you away from home and alone on Diwali, there are numerous things to be missed. Presented here are 5 of those sweet memories.

Those New Pair of Clothes


During childhood and also when we became grownups, Diwali first and foremost meant new clothes for everyone in the household. It was the festival all the members in the family, especially children, waited with bated breath. That joy of comparing your dress with that neighborhood friend of yours couldn’t be described in words.

The Smell Of Delicacies


We Indians are a foodie bunch, so much so that we just need an excuse, any excuse to have a feast prepared in our household. And what bigger excuse than Diwali!

From the start of the day to the end, Diwali was synonymous with sumptuous feasting and gluttony. One seemed to never have enough of all those Gulab Jamuns and Dry Fruits! Ah, good old days.

The Road to Crackerland


Which invariably led to the market. Yes, you guessed it right!

How can any Diwali celebration not include crackers, and that too when we were children! Today we understand the consequences of those not so environment friendly bombs and other crackers and vow to celebrate a Green Diwali, however that was not the case while growing up.

The days leading to Diwali was spent in persuading our father to take us to the market for what else, but to buy crackers. The more the crackers, the more your reputation in society increases. Heady!

Lighting, Lighting Everywhere!


Yes, I admit that the Occasion of Diwali is full of lights and even being alone, you couldn’t have escaped it. But the real joy of those lights was something else when it was glistening on our doorway!

From hopping the market for the best Ladi to arranging them meticulously through our roof to our balcony, those appreciative looks in the guest’s eyes made our day back then.

Flower Decors


The flower of Marigold remains most in demand during Diwali, as every door of every house, & sometimes the whole floor is  studded with the lovely flowers. Same was the case back then too.

From carving “Happy Diwali” with flowers to using it to decorate our home, it was our first brush with this specific beauty of nature, up close.


Whether you are all by yourself this Diwali or not, make this festival Flaberrified with us. Redefine Gifting with special Flaberry Flowers, Chocolates and other goodies. Make sure this Diwali be your best!

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