5 Things Which Makes A Dad Deserve His Day

As Father’s Day is approaching, everyone is taking some time out to praise the Dads who have helped made us who & whatever we are. Fathers are endearing and supportive, & many of us wish if we would ever be able to match them in any field. Dads have some great qualities which makes them an ideal person to have a day dedicated to them. Listed below are 5 of them: -

Placing Family Above Everything Else


Our Dads always keep family first. Whenever there was a choice to make between attending my Annual Day & going to work, he would more often than not chose the former. He dedicates quality time to his kids & family, never missing out on cherished moments.

Enjoying Our Success More Than His Own


This trait is something which was slightly confusing to me as I was growing up. How can a man celebrate his 2 year old child bringing home a medal over his promotion! Our fathers set us Parenting Goals for us which are something beyond extraordinary.

Have A Problem! Contact Daddy Dearest…

Father Helping Daughter with Homework

Growing up, I was always in awe of my Dad. He had an answer to my every problem. Whether it was my Maths problem, my school fights, the right college to choose, my first relationship or my first job, he had an advice and solution to every problem & situation. This is a common admirable quality of Dads worldwide, leaving their children with lots of catching up to do.

Failed Once! Try Again.


One of the most striking aspects of Dads is that they gave you multiple opportunities to win in life. I don’t know anyone whose Dad stopped his children from doing a certain task. They encourage & motivate us in every step & make us dream big.

Money Matters! No Matter!download (5)

My experience says that if you express your concern of having less money in your account even in the middle of the night, your father would at least try to find an ATM to transfer money. They want to solve your every problem then & there, money matters or otherwise. It is a most recurring theme between me & my father, therefore I couldn’t contain myself from including this point!

Dads are wonderful & therefore deserve every bit of praise being showered on them. As Father’s Day is on its heels, the gifting season has started for every Son & Daughter.

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