5 Things You Can Relate To Monsoon

Every year, it is the month of July that brings with it the amazement that is monsoon. We all wait for this month with bated breath. This year, as I write, monsoon has started knocking at the doors. That’s why writing a blog on Rains in July this time is something we are too excited to leave out. Hence this article talks about some things that are synonymous with rains.

Performing Stunts on our Bike


Because for what else have we purchased it for, right! Bike lovers will surely agree with me that the experience of taking your vehicle out when it is raining, & the feeling of the raindrops falling on you is heavenly to say the least. Add to it the thrill of trying new stunts with your best friend in tow & the high you get from that is literally out of this world.

Taking In That Puff of Smoke in Fresh Air


We are not promoting smoking by any means, but we all know how ecstatic you get when your lung gets filled with the mixed aroma of smoke & nature. It is an amazing experience you can have. However if I managed to offend any non smoker’s feelings, the pure rainy aroma without smoke works as well too!

Skipping Office At least once


Along with all the good memories the rainy season leaves us with, it sure also leaves us feeling more lazy than ever. I mean, who would like to go outside to earn his livelihood when it is raining cats & dogs outside, & the weather is tailor made to take a nap. This results in being late for, or worse yet skipping office at least once during Monsoon on the pretext of us being sick or whatever. Not that we complain, ever.

Taking Your Girl Out For A Walk


Now all of us would be in agreement that no love story in the world would be complete, or dare I say perfect, without some rainy romance & flowers. Rains are traditionally used as tools to find some alone time with that special person in your life, so that you can woo her in your way. Every lover’s story this. Tell me if I am wrong. I dare you. I DOUBLE DARE you.

That Special Tea With Your “Special” Friend


When we talk of rains, a cup of tea inevitably falls into scheme of things, & if the aforementioned friend is there for company, there is nothing one wants from life. When after being drenched in rain from head to toe we look for some respite, a cup of piping hot tea along with some munchies is all we desire as our life goal.

Monsoon is the season of rain & more rains, but along with it, it is the season of precious memories you spent with your loved ones. Celebrate those cherished moments again with special offerings from us, so that you could have as memorable a time as one can have.

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