5 Amazing Things Only Mothers Could Do

Mother’s Day is coming & the whole world is praising the loving and caring nature of Moms the world over. While it is true that they are the epitome of affection & love, another important facet of Mothers is that they are the greatest magician the world has ever seen.

Yes Magician! And I am not even exaggerating. Unless you live under a rock & are unfortunate enough to not experience them, presenting here the 5 most astounding & miraculous things which the Moms do all the time for fun.


Finding Things That Don’t Exist


Has it ever happened that you are searching something for hours, but once your Mom put her detective hat, it is right in front of you! Surely it has happened.

She takes care of every member of the house, but what they don’t tell you that she also finds things of everyone in the house. Whether it be Dad’s Wallet & Watch or your Bike keys or Goggles, she puts your searching skills to shame with her superpowers.


The Best Alarm Clock in the Morning…


…Even after doing household chores till late night. Yes, only a Mother could do this task.

Many a times it happened that we came back late night from somewhere & I used to be assured that next day would be School Free Day. But Alas, it just remained a dream for me as for the most of you Momma’s little kids.


They Understand Sign Language, Language of Heart, ANY Language


Honestly, most of us can’t put our fingers on what a toddler wants to say, but moms understand it perfectly. Not only this, whenever you want something but couldn’t muster the courage to say it, she somehow miraculously understood what you are up to! Supermom indeed.


They Can Cook Anything & WITH ANYTHING

Mother and Daughter Making a Salad

With Moms around, you have your hunger pangs sorted out. They are the culinary geniuses who could whip up delicacies at the throw of a hat. Even when you wanted to eat something exotic & the required ingredients are not in the house, the dish would still get ready & taste more amazing with every bite. Now don’t ask me how.


Their Love could erase all worries

mothers love

Moms are the best healers, doctors, counsellors & problem specialists in the world. It is not a cliche or an exaggeration, but a mere fact that all the worries of the world vanishes just by that soothing rubbing of her palms on our head. It is a trick that only Moms know. Or they have an inbuilt quality to spread happiness.


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