5 Just Dad Things Synonymous to Mom’s Love


In India, Fathers are supposed to be tough characters who wield the stick of disciplines & manners. But even the strictest of fathers have tender hearts ; It’s just that they don’t like to show their emotions in front of the world. However several act of theirs are testimony to their love & emotions they have for us. Let’s take a look at some of the few.


He does favors for you

If at any stage in your life, you have contemplated buying or finding out something AND managed to inform your father about this, they would leave no stone unturned to extract all the information which is relevant to you. Mind you, you don’t even have to ask them about finding something out. Their CBI instincts become active by themselves at this time.


He wants to pay for everything

This situation is pretty common to all indian dads & their siblings, myself included. Regardless of your fat paycheck and posh lifestyle, every father considers it his right to pay for everything. For them, you never grew up & are still his little angel. This gesture gets on your nerves sometimes, but frankly speaking it is sweet and adorable and makes you want to love him more.


Checking Your Whereabouts with Mom

Remember that night out without informing your parents, after which you have to contend with multiple missed calls from your Mom but very few from dad. Rest assured, he was constantly worried about you & asked your mom to call you so many times. Although he would never admit it, but that is our dear daddy’s style of caring, isn’t it!


Praises you…But behind your Back

Most of the dads use very measured words while praising their sons & daughters, but it is only to keep them from being complacent. In reality, they are too happy on your success & discuss it fervently among his peers and friends, but not with you. That is their own way of showing adulation.


He is there when everything looks bleak

If & when everything start going wrong in your life, there is one person who helps & motivates you to stand again. Whether it be any financial problem or emotional turmoil you are going through, he ensures you are not alone in it and takes you out of it coolly.


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