5 Insanely Amazing Flower Facts

Most of us only know & have seen unidimensional face of flowers, that of spreading love, happiness & cheer and impressing us with its beauty. Seldom have we sat up & noticed their beautiful world, a world full of amazements. Let’s take a peek in their world & find some pearls of pure genius.


Love Comes At A Price…Literally


A special breed of multicolored Roses, considered the most expensive and globally named as “Happy Rose”, come at a whopping price tag of £ 25 a piece! However, with their differently colored hues, they are indeed worth the money.


What’s In A Name! Many Things, Apparently…


Not everything having Lily in its name is actually Lily. Only plants in the genus Lilium are considered true Lilies, & this doesn’t include the famous Water Lilies & Calla Lilies. What is there in a name you say! Ask these two unfortunate souls.


Why You Do This, Carnation?


The story of the Carnation flower seems to be lifted straight from a detective movie. Why you ask. Well sample this. Carnation is not its actual name!


Yes, you read that right. Even Wikipedia don’t acknowledge any flower as Carnation. When you search for it on Google, you only can find information related to it under the name “Dianthus Caryophyllus”. Yes, that is what its actual name is. Surprised! So were we.


Deception King Of Flowers


The title goes to our beloved Orchids. Again we hear you asking Why? Well, here is the reason.


Orchids trick insects into pollinating them. The reproductive part of many Orchids are designed like the specific insects it wants to attract. Once that insect sits on an Orchid confusing it to be its mate, the flower’s pollens stick to it, until it flies off to another Orchid. Quite a plan, I dare say.


Safest Flower in The World


Imagine your flower taking care of its health by its own. No, I am not saying anything randomly and it happens for real!


Gerberas look very happy and cheerful and are one of the most loved flowers in the world. However, behind that joyful facade, lurks an insanely clever mind.


Since Gerberas are very prone to fungal diseases & other herbivorous animals, it has its own safety mechanism. It attracts bees & butterflies, which are perfect for pollination & making your garden beautiful respectively. However it is resistant against deers & doesn’t let them come very near it. Amazing, isn’t it!


The world as we see it is full of marvels, & the world of flowers is not quite different in terms of surprising us continuously.


Let the surprises flow further & send beautiful flowers to your loved ones, delighting & surprising them at the same time.

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