5 Flowers for Your Loved One in Bangalore

Known popularly as IT hub & Milennium City, the bustling city of Bangalore also has a soft and romanticized side of itself.

Among many of its names it adorns itself with, Garden City and Flower Hub are the names which truly resonates with lovers, nature or otherwise.

Therefore If you have a loved one in Bangalore, gifting immaculately takes primary precedence. If that special person is into flowers, then your gifting responsibilities increases manifold for obvious reasons.

However you need not worry. That is because we present before you a list of 5 flowers, which are sure shot winners if you are thinking of impressing her with floral attractions.

Roses -  The Best Expression Of Love


When in love, gift Roses. It’s as simple as that.

Considered the epitome of true love since Centuries, such a tag added with Roses seems no exaggeration at all. Just looking at them makes you fall in love with them; or the person gifting them to you. Try them today.

Flame Of The Forest – For Giving Fuel To Your Feelings


This beautiful flower is every bit as exotic as its name suggests. If you reside in Bangalore or want to charm the person residing in the said place, these flowers should be your preferred go-to option.

Fully bloomed during the months of winter, these flowers will stoke your passion and give you a gifting alternative unlike any other.

Carnations – Retrieve The Lost Innocence


As adorable and perfect the flowers of Carnations look, they are equally impressive in carrying forward your inner emotions to the recipient of the flowers.

Known as Dianthus Caryophillus, Clove Pink or the more famous Carnation, these flowers emit a heavenly fragrance, which coupled with its flattening beauty, fully serves its purpose.

Java Cassia – When Fashion Feels Pink


Technically a tree with origins in Java and Sumatra, the flowers blooming on the Java Cassia will make its recipient’s pink – with delight.

Easily spotted near Lalbagh and Cubbon Park in Bangalore, if you have become tired with the run of the mill products to gift, give this a try and watch her smile broaden.

Orchids – When Gifting Needs To Be Classy


Another one in the category of flowers that needs to be on your list when you are planning to surprise them with a floral arrangement, Orchids are colorful and intensely fragrant flowers that bewitches you with its beauty and elegance, and will surely bowl your loved one over.

The city of Bangalore is replete with diverse varieties of Flaura & Fauna, and therefore Flowers could be the most loved gifting option. In addition, they look so beautiful!

In case you are searching for a medium to send your love, we are here. Send beautiful Roses, Lilies and Gerberas among others to your beloved in Bangalore and other parts of the country.

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