5 Flower Festivals in India You Should Be Part Of

India is the land of festivals & events scattered all the way down in the calendar. Some of these festivals happen to be dedicated to flowers as well. Since the occasion of Eid is here, which is the personification of harmony & peace, things synonymous with flowers as well, here’s presenting before you a list of 5 must attend flower festivals in India.


The Flower Show


If you are planning to visit any southern state during summer vacations, head for Tamilnadu, as one of its most happening cities, Ooty, hosts The Flower Show at the Government Botanical Gardens. This festival boasts of ancient history as it is held since 1896. This splendid show gives you the opportunity to witness rare potted plants, cut flowers as well as amazing spread of fruits & vegetables. Many kinds of competitions like Rangoli, Japanese flower arrangements etc are arranged which are attended by thousands. This festival is held in the month of May, so come your next vacation, get ready to pack those bags.


Dasara Flower Show


Held in the city of Mysore which comes under Hyderabad, the Dasara mentioned in the name is actually Dusshera, the last day of worshipping Maa Durga, the time during which this show is held. The venue of this show happens to be Nishad Park. It boasts of many varieties of Roses & Orchids among many flowers displayed. If you are just bored of seeing those flowers, there are special treats for you, like musical fountains & flower arrangement competitions. You will find huge bust of members of royal family here, which is one of its main attraction. If you want to head for a pleasant time, September – October is the time to get a move on.


Tulip Festival


Being held since 2007 in the scenic city of Srinagar, this fascinating festival is slowly becoming famous & happens to attract tourists in large number every year. Organized in April at Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in the city, this festival contains hundreds & thousands of beautiful Tulips of all varieties in all their glory. Its beauty is increased due to being nearer to the famous Dal lake & snow filled Zabarwan mountains. There are many cultural activities & games to keep you occupied. So what are you waiting for! Mark this date down in your Travel Diary.


International Flower Festival


The part of North East is full of wonders & full of picturesque beauty, & the city of Gangtok in the state of Sikkim is one of those. Held in the month of March or April, the display list in this festival includes 600 varieties of Orchids & about 50 varieties of Rhododendron. Gladioli & Roses are also displayed in their full majestic beauty. With many events & sports like River Rafting also on the chart, this festival is the go to haven for nature lovers.


Rose Festival


Held in the city of gardens Chandigarh, this festival is hosted by the 2 most renowned gardens – Zakir Hussain Rose Garden & Leisure Valley. This festival is held annually every year during the month of February. Apart of beatific & mesmerizing varieties of roses, this event becomes witness to a whole host of other activities, such as Food & drinks, Photography & Landscaping. Being a guest in the city of Chandigarh with roses all around – seems like an amazing option.


Flowers make your heart swell with joy, & when a full festival is dedicated to flowers, it sure is bound to be a treat. Visit flowery gardens & don’t forget to gift them to your loved ones as well. Choose from a wide range of offerings to provide you with a lot of cheer & happiness.

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