5 Flower Facts We Bet You Didn’t know about!


Flowers are nature’s beautiful gift to us, & they are found across every climate & whether. However, there are several things about flowers that are not known to everyone. Here are 5 of those facts.

Largest Producer Of Flowers In The World

After China. We on an average produce around 20 Lakh Metric Tonnes of flowers every year. There is great demand of flowers from India in countries like UK, United States, Japan & Australia. If we talk about largest flower producer in India, the cake is taken by the southern state Andhra Pradesh with around 2.25 Lakh Metric Tonnes of flowers cultivated here.

Flower Flower Everywhere!

We boast of a large alloted land for Floriculture activities. 2 Lakh 33 Thousand Hectares to be precise. That’s a whopping stretch of land which spreads through the length & breadth of our country. The main states where cultivation of flowers take place are Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh & Jharkhand.

Flowers For Business Purposes


Can be divided into 2 categories. These categories are Loose Flowers & Cut flowers.

Loose flowers are those flowers which are usually cultivated without their stalk & are used for decorative purposes and making garlands.

Cut flowers are those flowers that have been cut from the parent plant. They are cultivated for indoor use like in Vases display. Example of such flowers are Rose, Hydrangea etc.

The largest producers of cut flowers are China, India & United States, whereas Netherlands is the biggest importer and exporter by value.

The Flower With The Smallest Seeds

The distinction belongs to Orchids, or rather Epiphytic Orchids found in tropical rainforest. Some of these seeds are only 85 Micrometers long, which roughly translates to 1/300th of an inch! Amazing, Isn’t it!

Flowers For Messaging Purposes


Flowers are your perfect combination of beauty & brains. In addition to being beautiful looking and graceful, special flowers tend to give different messages. For example. If a bride chooses Pink Roses for her wedding bouquet, the message she is conveying is of Happiness & joy. Similarly, in UK, Canada & Australia, flower of Red poppy is worn to pay tribute to soldiers who have died in war.

Flower make us happy & make our lives worth living, therefore knowing something about them keeps us in good stead.

Make your memories more loving worth beautiful flowers with us. After all, Fragrances usher in happiness & prosperity.

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