4 ways to welcome New Year

Another glorious year is about to end. It might have left you with some unforgettable memories, experiences and truth of life.

Smiles, laughter, happiness, cries, worries, fights, love, feelings, affection, heartbreaks, family, friends, career and last but not the least “yourself”, significantly defines the world around you.

The countdown for the end of the year 2014 has started. Everyone is enthusiastic and joyful about the last day celebrations. You wish to make it grand, party hard and send gifts for New Year to your loved ones and welcome the New Year in a great and a happy spirit.

However, let’s rewind the year, which is about to get over and acknowledge every moment that had been a beautiful and learning part of your life.

Flashback – 2014

Flashback of the Year

The glimpses of the moments you have lived are dear to you. Recollect and relive everything you have done from the start of the year. It can be the worst thing of the year or it can be the best thing that you have done. Remember, everything and for once just relax and think about how your life has unfolded in this year.

Flaberry Look Backs

Remember your closed ones

Life never stops and there are many people who come into your life and become an important part or leave an impression in your life. It is the perfect time to open your heart and think about everyone who has made this year special for you in any way. Reconnect with everyone and spread happiness all around you to make a wonderful new beginning.

Welcoming – 2015

It’s time for a makeover

Time runs by and in the daily busy schedule, it’s hard to take out some time for yourself. However, its New Year coming and you can finally take some time off from office, college and schools. This is the perfect time when you can just be yourself and do whatever you like.

Get ready for a new beginning in life. Drain out all the negativity from your mind and life. Try to become stress-free from all the tensions in your life and welcome a joyful and happy New Year with arms wide open. You can also bring positivity in your space by bringing in new décor items.

Flaberry - New Year Gifts

Buy New Year Gifts to surprise and wish your loved ones

Sending wishes and gifts to your loved ones is an inevitable part of this celebration. A beautiful bunch of fresh New Year Flowers, delightful pack of chocolates, flavorful cakes and lovely Plants will make for an amazing surprise. You can personalize your wish by sending a video message with the Flaberry Augmented Reality app or a voice message with MyVoice4U services.

Flaberry  New Year Gifts

Rejoice with happiness and brace yourself for a grand New Year celebration. Let’s welcome a new journey filled with joy and love for your dear ones. Make it more special and endearing with special New Year gifts from Flaberry and start a new beginning!

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