Basking Roses

We live our life to the fullest in the moments where we let go of our worries and choose the liberating feeling happiness to give us company. These moments, though elusive, can make us forget all our troubles and let us bask in the glory of happiness and the love of all that we cherish or hold dear. Our enthralling basket, aptly titled Basking Roses is thus sure to be a breath of fresh air for you, especially in this daunting world. The basket boasts of 44 plush pink roses arranged in a tower of flowery magnificence. Be it any occasion or reason, or even lack thereof, this is a perfect gift to give yourself and to others. So be sure to try it for yourself and see all your troubles melt away!

Basking Roses

‌We have all read and heard classic poetry by famous poets proclaiming the fanciest of love stories and weaving a tale of wonder and awe. If you have ever wanted the skill of wooing you loved ones with some beautiful poetry and making them fall head-over-heels in love with you, we have a secret that we would like to share with you. You can now express your innermost and heartfelt feelings through the language of flowers and watch how they spin beautiful poetries to your lover, without the interference of cumbersome words getting in the way! Our Basking Roses basket lets you do exactly that. This basket contains 44 of the prettiest pink roses picked and arranged exclusively for you. The roses are delicately arranged in a tiered fashion with seasonal green fillers to complete the look. This special offering comes at a slashed price, just for you! So pick your phone, order now and bask in the glory of a whole bunch of beautiful roses!
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