3 Ranunculus Potted Bulbs (Single Color)

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This winter enrich your garden with a blooming flower bulb. This new and amazing collection is a refreshing change for your garden. This exclusive 3 in 1 potted arrangement is from the family of Ranunculus. A flower bulb is a beautiful form of a bud, which is also a food storage locker for plants. Furthermore, the bulb has everything that the plant needs to sprout and flower. The arrangement is placed in a finely crafted ceramic pot and the most exciting part is you can see the color of the buds only after they are bloomed. Diameter - 5 Height - 5 Weight – 1000 gm Material - Flower Bulbs in Ceramic Pot Color - Single Color Number of Bulbs in a pot - 3 Caring Tip 1 – Can be kept anywhere within the temperature 18-25 deg C Caring Tip 2 – You can water the plant on alternative days and do not over water it Caring Tip 3 – Keep it under direct sunlight once in a day
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