Nurturing Green Grass Dolls with Dark Chocolates
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Innovative, beautiful and a great product to make your home/office a greener and better place, hassle free and easy to take care but above all fun to play with Nurturing Greens grass dolls are ideal green gift for you and your loved ones. Our porcelain ceramic grass dolls are a new fashion product. Just water it every day for 7-8 days and it will have lovely green grass ready for a haircut. Low cost, full of fun and gives you a chance to be creative. Not only this they easy to maintain and just require a little pruning according to your taste.

Dimension: 4" x 2" x 4"
Caring Instructions
DO'S 1. Water it in very less amount, daily to maintain wetness with the help of a sprayer. 2. Do the pruning to avoid uneven growth DON'Ts 1. DON’T over water it. 2. Avoid temprature shock.